Frequently asked questions

  • How can I add a new user to the system?

    If You want to add a new employee to your company’s account, You should:

    – Visit our site: https://www.trans.eu/ee/add-employee;
    – Fill in and send out the form;
    – An entitled person of your company will receive an email with an activation link on the Trans.eu Platform;
    – When an entitled person activates your account, check your login details received by email (TransId and password) and log in;
    – Freight shippers, freight forwarders and carriers are already available in one place – in Trans.eu Platform.


  • My account is blocked - what can I do?

    In most cases, the account is blocked due to missing payment. If this happens, please pay the invoice and send us the confirmation to the email address. Customer service will unlock your account after verification.

  • The employee is gone - how can I delete their account?

    As an administrator, you can block only the former employee’s account:

    They return to the administrative system
    Click the “Company” button
    Go to the “Employees” tab
    “More” in top right area
    And then – remove employees

  • Where can I find my invoice?

    Each Trans.eu user can download an invoice from the Platform.

    Just press the upper menu of the program:

    Orders and invoices> My account.

    Select the unpaid invoice and download to pay it. Invoices for Trans.eu services are also automatically sent to the email address of the person authorised in the company on the day it is generated.

  • I have some problems to log in.

    Try to log in again:

    – Enter the received password and TransId manually (do not use “copy” command).
    – In the TransId field, enter only the identification number, without name and last name. The password must be at least 8 characters, including at least one capital letter and one number.
    – NOTE! Remember to change your original password. After entering TransId and password, we recommend to check “Keep me logged in” option, this will save your time.”

  • The system is slow - what are the reasons?

    The system can be working slower or used when too many “cookies” in a program that needs to be deleted, and the program version can be very old and must be renewed. In the renewed version, errors are removed, free transport and loading offers reload faster.

    1. Remove “cookies” with this short instruction:
    – Copy the search link on PC: % appdata% \ rst \ trans \
    – Close all Trans.eu processes in Task Manager
    – Return to the file and open the file with “data” – delete all
    – Go back, open the file “giscache” – delete all
    – Go back, open the file “history” – delete all.
    – Open the Trans software again.

    2. Renew the program version: https://www.trans.eu/en/download-program


  • How to change my user profile?

    You can edit your user profile by double-clicking your photo. After clicking, an additional window will open, in which:

    • Change your company data,
    • Your company profile,
    • Edit your own profile,
    • and update your documents.
  • Can I get access to the program for free?

    You will get access to the program free of charge after registration to the Platform and logging in with your data:

    – fill out the registration form: https://www.trans.eu/ee/form-a3;
    – to your e-mail address will be sent letter with data for login to the Trans.eu platform;
    – Download the Trans.eu program into your computer: https://www.trans.eu/ee/download-the-trans-application;
    – log in to the downloaded program with the received data by e-mail and try the Trans.eu Platform.

    You already can get know with main functions of Trans.eu system. check on which directions there are the most loads, but an access to the Platform will be still limited. If You want to get full access, please, contact us.

  • How to get full access to the Platform?

    To get full access to Trans.eu Platform:

    – Create an account: https://www.trans.eu/ee/form-a3;
    – During 48 hours, consultant will contact You and provide with all the information needed.
    – If there are any problems in registration process or during 48 hours from registration for some reasons our consultant did not contact You, please call us (+3705)2195534.